Folded Book Art, Hope in Heart


This folded book art was made from a gently used hard cover book, showing a 3-D sculpture like design of the word “Hope” within a heart shape. The book height is 9.25″ (23.5 cm), the tallest part of the letter is 2″ (5 cm). The tallest part of the heart design is 5.5″ (13.5 cm). This very unique artwork will certainly be a conversation piece whether it’s displayed at home or in an office, and will make a great present for a book lover, some one named Hope or someone who loves the unusual & unique artwork. I’ll also make custom order books with your choice of words, names, initials or dates, contact me for details.  Free Shipping

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All my folded book arts were made from gently used hard cover books. All the pages are individually hand measured and marked, then two folds are made on each page to produce the 3-D sculpture looking design on the front edge of the books. Some of the designs required marking & folding more than 800 pages. None of the original book pages were cut way. The design on some of the book were tinted with a light coat of pearlescent watercolor paint to gave extra interest. Special design paper were added to some of the end pages or inside covers to give extra contrast for the design to stand out.  Free Shipping